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For a no-obligation quote, please send us an e-mail or call us on the central telephone number +31 485 455279.
You can send us the document to be translated straight away, after which we will send you a quote by return. All documents are of course treated with the strictest of confidence. You can also send your files by the WeTransfer channel, which is a secured connection. We will reply to you within 30 minutes.
If you agree with our quote, you can confirm this by e-mail, after which we will start the translation process. Your translation will be returned before the given delivery date.



In the top right-hand corner of every page on this website you can select the language combination and attach the documents to be translated. In principle, our translation rates apply to general texts. A surcharge may apply to very specialist texts. We will of course notify you in advance if that is the case.
A minimum rate of € 50.00 excluding VAT applies to translations in most languages. A minimum rate of € 75.00 excluding VAT applies to certified translations in most languages. The rates depend on the number of words and the language combination.

If you have a Word document, you can count the number of words yourself. If you have documents in other file formats, please send them to us and we will count the number of words for you. After we have received the document, we will give you a quote and a delivery date by return. On average, a translator translates 2,000 to 2.500 words per day.

Certified translations and rush jobs are subject to a 20% surcharge. All prices given are exclusive of VAT.

Rates for interpreting services are available on request.

Send an e-mail or call +31 485 455279 for the most recent and lowest rates.