Grenzen vervagen, talen niet!
Grenzen vervagen, talen niet!
Grenzen vervagen, talen niet!
Grenzen vervagen, talen niet!


Aabévé Vertaalbureau provides high-quality translations and interpreting services for over 30 years now. It only uses experienced professionals. Whatever the translation job, you can rest assured that the end result will be perfect. We work with experienced specialists. Call us when you need a translator or interpreter. You can of course also contact Aabévé Vertaalbureau for certified translations.

translationsTranslations in almost every language combination

Need a translation for a technical manual? A financial annual report? Or a tricky legal document? Aabévé Vertaalbureau will find you the right translator for any specialist subject and virtually any language. We provide translations for nearly all disciplines, such as:

  • Financial/legal documents
  • Official (certified) documents
  • Technical/technological documents
  • Social documents
  • Medical/pharmaceutical documents
  • Websites
  • Telecommunications
  • Car industry

Not only can we arrange translations from and into many different languages, we can also have your texts edited. This includes the editing of leaflets, mailings, brochures or advertisements in any preferred language, geared to your target group. We can also translate your websites.

Certified translations

Another service Aabévé Vertaalbureau provides is certified translations of your official documents, such as documents from public registers and the Register for Births, Deaths and Marriages, notarial documents, diplomas and audit certificates.
Contact us for a no-obligation quote for your translation! Our account managers will be happy to help.